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  • #10 Scenes from The Polder Western

    Authors: Pilar Mata Dupont and Erika Roux

    Printing: Offset B/W on Munken Print White 90g 1.8 and Impact Natural 80g
    Edition: 400
    184 pages
    110×175 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-5-1
  • #9 Foundations

    Author: Víctor Santamarina
    Text contribution: Felix Kalmenson

    Printing: Offset CMYK, Novatech gloss 170gr, high gloss lamination, staple bound, comes in a tinted sleeve, includes a photo print insert (edition of 10).
    Edition: 400
    32 pages
    220×310 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-7-5
  • #8 Notes On Devils

    Author: Jacob Dwyer

    Printing: Black and white offset print on Munken Print White
    Edition: 400
    80 pages
    210×297 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-6-8
  • #7 Like dust before it falls

    Author: Márk Redele
    Photography: Michiel de Cleene
    With texts by: Annee Grøtte Viken, Angeliki Tzortzakaki
    Design: Ine Meganck

    Printing: CMYK offset print on Chromolux, Screen-printed hardcover, staple-bound.
    Edition: 500
    32 pages
    20×30 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-4-4
  • #6 333

    Author: Lukas Rehm
    Design/editing: Tatjana Stürmer and Rudy Guedj

    Printing: Hot foil stamped soft cover, 6 sections CMYK + Silver, 6 sections in black and Pantone Fluo RGB
    Edition: 500
    252 pages
    220×310 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-9-9
  • #5 We want to look up at the Sun, but could the Sun be looking down on us?

    Authors: Rudy Guedj & Olivier Goethals

    Printing: Soft cover, 1 section CMYK, 2 sections in black and silver
    Edition: 500
    144 pages
    170×240 mm
    ISBN: 9789082771237
  • #4 No thanks, I’m just looking

    Authors: Lisa Sudhibhasilp together with Rudy Guedj, Johannes Schwartz, Brenda Tempelaar
    Design: Rudy Guedj

    Printing: Soft cover, book printed in CMYK plus Silver
    Edition: 500
    208 pages
    230×340 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-2-0
  • #3 Bottle Joe

    Authors: Jérémy Laffon & Elvia Teotski (with texts by Jason Heroux)
    Design: Jérémy Glatre & Rudy Guedj

    Printing: Softcover with flaps, book printed in CMYK neon
    Edition: 500
    160 pages
    180×260 mm
    ISBN: 979-10-93306-05-6
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  • #2 Dear Clay,

    Author: Stéphanie Baechler
    Texts by: Stéphanie Baechler, Zoë Dankert, Jan Verwoert, Rudy Guedj
    Design/editing: Rudy Guedj and Laura Pappa

    Printing: Screen-printed softcover with flaps, B/W and colour sections on Munken Print White and high gloss paper. Comes with an embroidered bookmark and an envelope.
    Edition: 500
    240 pages
    200×280 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-1-3
    Sold out
  • #1 Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble)

    Authors: Rudy Guedj and Will Pollard

    Printing: Offset B/W, spot varnish on TrippleStar Matt 90g and Munken Print White 100g. Screenprinted transparent PVC cover.
    Edition: 300
    52 pages
    180×310 mm
    ISBN: 978-90-827712-0-6